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Current Therapy

HIgh Does of ICSand aditional
maintenance treatment(s)

Exacerbation History

Two ore more exacerbations in the previous 12 months and/or depen- dency on systemic corticosteroids

Blood Eosinophil Levels

>= 150 cells/ul at initation of treatment or >= 300 cells.ul in the prior 12 months (determined through a routine blood test)

Recent findings suggest blood eosinophil level can be used as a biomarker to guide therapy in severe asthma(3). Once a complete blood count (CBC) with differential is conducted, enter the appropriate lab results below. This calculator can help convert unit of measure reported into cells/μL

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(1) Nucala Saudi SmPC.
(2) Ortega H et al. N Engl J Med 2014;371:1198- 1207
(3) Wagener AH, de Nijs SB, Lutter R, et al. Thorax. 2015;70(2):115-120

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Blood Eosinophil Unit Conversion Calculator



Absolute eosinophil count

150 Cells/uL

Absolute eosinophil count

150 Cells/uL